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Entertainment Weekly

Fresh Off the Boat: Chelsey Crisp talks Honey’s Halloween transformation.
Entertainment Weekly 1888 1300 Chase Jennings
AU Review

Chelsey Crisp offers a fresh perspective of “Being In The Biz”; Talks…
AU Review 1896 1308 Chase Jennings
In-Lawfully Yours Premiere

Cast and filmmakers meet at Regent University for the red carpet premiere…
In-Lawfully Yours Premiere 1906 1304 Chase Jennings
Deadline announces “In-Lawfully Yours”

Deadline talks to producer Corbin Bernsen about the new romantic Comedy In-Lawfully…
Deadline announces “In-Lawfully Yours” 1898 1304 Chase Jennings
Hallmark Home & Family

Chelsey & Marilu Henner appeared on Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family to…
Hallmark Home & Family 1896 1302 Chase Jennings
Talk Nerdy With Us

Chelsey talks to Allison Warner about Fresh Off The Boat, Duchess Riot,…
Talk Nerdy With Us 1894 1298 Chase Jennings
Fresh Off the Boat – AP News

‘Fresh Off the Boat’ team reflects on breakthrough sitcom. LOS ANGELES (AP)…
Fresh Off the Boat – AP News 1908 1296 Chase Jennings
Highbrow Interview

Chelsey talks to Highbrow about what she considers the “next big thing”…
Highbrow Interview 1902 1306 Chase Jennings
Chelsey wins the Internet on @Midnight

Chris Hardwick hosts competitors Randall Park, Chelsey Crisp & Maria Thayer.
Chelsey wins the Internet on @Midnight 1910 1306 Chase Jennings
Chelsey talks Fresh Off the Boat on KTLA

Chelsey stops by KTLA to talk about paying homage to Melrose Place…
Chelsey talks Fresh Off the Boat on KTLA 1906 1300 Chase Jennings
Maxim Hot 10

Chelsey talks to Maxim about Fresh Off the Boat, Duchess Riot, her…
Maxim Hot 10 1526 1042 Chase Jennings
Scott Bonnie Interview

Chelsey talks to Scott Bonnie about all things acting & improv.

Scott Bonnie Interview 1836 1260 Chase Jennings

Featured News

Something Big Is Coming to NBC – Young Rock

Something Big Is Coming to NBC – Young Rock 1252 630 Chase Jennings

Chelsey can be seen next as Dwayne Johnson’s campaign manager in NBC’s upcoming sitcom Young Rock. NBC’s newest comedy, Young Rock, follows the life of Dwayne Johnson as a kid, teen and college football player. See what kind of trouble…

Worldwide Release of “In-Lawfully Yours”

Worldwide Release of “In-Lawfully Yours” 1920 1080 Chase Jennings

A faith-based romantic comedy starring Chelsey Crisp, Marilu Henner, Corbin Bernsen, Joe Williamson & Philip Boyd. Directed by Robert Kirbyson. Available everywhere on DVD and Digital HD. Purchase on iTunes, Amazon, Walmart and Home Theater Films. Streaming available in 130…

“Fresh Off the Boat” on ABC

“Fresh Off the Boat” on ABC 1920 1080 Chase Jennings

All six seasons of Fresh Off the Boat are streaming now on Hulu. Starring Randall Park, Constance Wu, Hudson Yang, Forrest Wheeler, Ian Chen, Lucille Soong, Chelsey Crisp and Ray Wise. Watch it here on Hulu!

Coup De Coeur Short Film Corner Cannes 2017

Coup De Coeur Short Film Corner Cannes 2017 1920 1080 Chase Jennings

A promising first date takes a very wrong turn when the couple picks up a third wheel in the men’s room of their local dive bar. Chelsey Crisp (ABC’s Fresh Off the Boat) stars in the modern take on When…